How Bhutan Showed Me That I Can Do Anything

I can truly say this trip changed my life. It taught me that great things can happen when you open yourself up to experience the journey for what it is. ... Read more »

Bhutan Women-only Festival Tour

Bhutan is a land of festivals – raucous, joyous occasions, with a deeply spiritual underlay – offering not only the chance to cleanse your soul, but plenty of opportunity for photos as you’re swept up in the colorful celebrations. ... Read more »

Bhutan: The Land of Gross National Happiness

At least twice a year we travel to Bhutan – one of our favorite places – and the ladies who join us arrive home feeling that they’ve experienced a life-changing journey. We’re sharing a few pics of all the fun that we have in the land of Gross National Happiness. ... Read more »

Seattle Culinary Tour – Eat Your Way Around the Emerald City

The gem of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle, just happens to be Beth’s hometown and she loves to show it off. ... Read more »

More Things in Heaven and Earth ~ Musings on India

WanderTours participant, Lauren van Mullem shares her travel experiences in North India ... Read more »

Join our Inaugural North India Culinary Tour

The flavors and aromas of Indian cuisine are both mouth-watering and mysterious. Whether you’re a carnivore or vegetarian, there is something for everyone! The cuisine of North India is strongly influenced by its geographical location, resulting in a combination of regional cuisines, including Mughali, Kashmiri, Rajasthani and Punjabi. Hot weather allows for an abundance of seasonal fruit […]

Tips for Traveling to Bhutan

Here are some of our top tips for traveling to Bhutan. ... Read more »

The Hardest Trek in the World – The Snowman Trek in Bhutan

The Snowman Trek has been an important route through Bhutan for many years. First opened to foreigners in 1982, this 25-day trek is commonly acknowledged as the hardest trek in the world. With its 11 mountain passes – many of which are over 16,000 feet in elevation – daily ascents and descents of thousands of […]

Join Us in Vietnam & Cambodia – 2014

Our 2014 tour to Vietnam is almost sold out! We’re pretty excited – departure for our next tour is still six months away and we only have a couple of spots left. Fantastic! (In other words, if you’re interested, don’t delay!) Thinking about joining us? We’ve added some new activities and included more free time […]

Tips for Traveling to India

We love India. But we realize it can be a daunting place to visit. It’s big and it’s crowded. But, boy, is it beautiful! To make the most of your trip, follow some of these tips to experience the trip of your life… Pack light It’s true that if you pack light, you’ll have to […]