Fruit in VietnamEnjoy some of the finest and most authentic cuisines found at your destination. WanderTours incorporate a variety of ways for you to explore the very best local food which helps provide a fuller experience and more insight into the culture.

You might take a cooking class, watch a cooking demonstration or simply eat meals at restaurants that feature authentic local ingredients.

As with many tours, for convenience, many meals are served buffet-style at hotels. However, unlike most tour companies, WanderTours provide the chance for you to enjoy meals outside of the typical tour setting. Eat dinner in the home of a local tribal family in Northern Vietnam or with a family in Varanasi. Take a private cooking class or enjoy coconut shavings and greens cooked over a fire in Papua New Guinea.

In addition, most WanderTours provide some free time for you to explore the local cuisine on your own!