How to Apply for a Visa: Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Visa Info

Yes, you do indeed need a visa for PNG. This process has recently changed and Canadians, Americans and the nationals of some other countries are eligible to receive a visa-upon-arrival in Port Moresby. The visa-upon-arrival is free of charge. Passports must be valid a minimum of six months from date of intended travel.

Here is the list of the countries which qualify for a visa-upon-arrival. If you are from a country to which the visa-upon-arrival does not apply you will have to apply for and receive your visa prior to the start of your tour. For full detailed instructions visit this page. To start the visa process, you’ll need to fill out the PNG-Entry-Form. Then send to the PNG Embassy:

1. Entry form with all relevant fields filled out.
2. Check in the appropriate amount  made out to Embassy of Papua New Guinea.
3. Your Passport.
4. One Passport photo.
5. Return envelope, stamped and self-addressed.

Processing time is 7-10 days. And – don’t forget to email us once you’ve received your Visa! We need a scan of it too, just in case.

The visa form asks for PNG information: Number/Street Town/Village;  Province;  Postal Address;  Home/Business Phones.  So, what do you write there? – Our hotels sometime change, so when you get to this point, ask us and we’ll let you know.

Australian Visa Info

Most of you will be connecting through Australia and some may be spending a few days there. You will need a valid passport with one blank page and a visa to enter Australia. Most U.S. and Canadian citizens entering Australia as a tourist, and staying for fewer than 90 days, are eligible for an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). The cost of your ETA is $20 Australian. If you do not qualify for an ETA you will have to apply for a Visitor Visa. Information for that can be found here.